When DORO Pump up the volume always use…METROFARM – DJ Desk

Despite the optimistic and righteous say, most human beings are visual and frivolous creatures. Most of the time, one’s motivation to pick up a skill or a piece of clothing or a gadget doesn’t wander too far from “cool”. With that in mind, METROFARM, has probably created the coolest DJ Desk we have seen and would absolutely drive many to pick up DJing. Based in Berlin, METROFARM is a design studio run by Julia and Nunu. The studio has a roster of clients such as Nike, 55DSL, ABSOLUT Vodka, Idee, Pioneer and BEAMS. The high end DJ Desks created by METROFARM are crafted specifically to the DJ’s equipment, and some of the models built here come in a variety of style and installation methods. There is minimalist yet party-worthy stainless steel number with mixers and turntables embedded into them; a bright orange legless number that is bubbling 60s; a nature-inspired woody number….and sorts. Rather than the usual boring black boxy platform of a DJ stand, these will make the most important equipment of a bar/club as swanky as the place itself, and definitely be the enviable fixture in any home.

via: http://www.freshnessmag.com


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