adidas Phantom II – Boston Celtics Edition


Adidas Phantom II – Boston Celtics Edition

The N.B.A. x adidas 6 city tour continues with this Boston Celtics model in Celtic green. In one of the most storied franchises in the league, this color carries with it a rich heritage of dynasties, Hall-of-Famers, and even an intricate parquet floor. This model, like the NY Knicks x Packer Shoes model we showed you recently, will only be available to one store in the Boston area, Concepts. Only 6 cities are receiving pairs, and so far they are the aforementioned New York, Chicago, Miami, and Philadelphia. The pairs in each city follow the same format: a solid colored upper with the team logo an the tongue and name on the heel. If you’re in the Boston area, head over to Concepts, where the shoes, along with a basketball signed by Kendrick Perkins, will be on sale in extremely limited quantities.

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