GRANDE NIKE!!!!! – nike music shoe: making of

As usual, a really awesome advertising concept coming from Nike  We especially enjoy the fact that its actually real.  Seeing the first video we were convinced it was fake.

designboom featured the japanese DJ duo hifana’s musical shoe video earlier this month and many

readers were curious how the performance was created. a behind the scenes video was recently released

by wieden + kennedy, tokyo showing how the DJs made music from shoes. to make music using the

shoes, each pair of runners was equipped with 3 sensors that reacted went bent. these sensors would then

send serial codes to a computer, which correspond to a series of sounds. the engineers behind the project

developed a software that allowed the digital code to make music. the team also worked with hifana

to fine tune the shoe’s even installing accelerometers in the show to modulate the sounds when the shoe

is bent.

via nike music shoe: making of.

Incase you missed the first video…


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