Will be the next DORO’s car??? We hope…Audi R8 V10 By Wheelsandmore

Upon the release of the Audi R8 V10, it received nothing but superb critical acclaim from world-class magazines, journalists and media. However, a small German tuner, Wheelsandmore was determined to increase the performance of the already perfect car.


Wheelsandmore created a special stainless steel valve controlled exhaust system and upgraded the ECU so that the car can produce 600 horsepower, being 75 mph more than the standard Audi R8 V10. This increases the top speed by over 200 mph effortlessly, and allows the car to reach about 60 mph from zilch within three seconds. Specializing in wheels as well, Wheelsandmore took the liberty to install their new 3-piece wheels that can be customized in any color combination. The bothersome speed bumps are evermore inferior with the KW suspension package option, permitting the “beastly” ride to be hydraulically lifted up to 1.77 inches.

The tuning kit adds more fury to the aesthetics of the unstoppable car, without making much exterior alterations. The tuning kit is beautifully integratable with the Audi R8 V10, but it comes with a hefty price tag. The power upgrades run high at $11,866, the suspension upgrade costs $10,276, and the wheels itself are $10,148.

via Freshness Mag


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