DORO Likes: Ola20 Futuristic Kitchen by Pininfarina for Snaidero

Fast Cooking, Fast Kitchen, Futuristic Design.

This contemporary kitchen is more than just a kitchen, it’s an art. Create a custom look in matte or high-gloss lacquer, high-gloss metalized lacquer or laminate finishes; with worktops of laminate, glazed stainless steel, wood tiles, marble and granite or quartz stone. Fresh up your space with vibrant hues, take the all-white modern minimalism route, or take the understated, neutral approach for a timeless appeal. It’s fashionable yet it’s also stylish and futuristic. I’ve never seen such a stylish fashionable and futuristic kitchen design such as this.

The design simply remarkable with added features including cutlery drawers, knife blocks, built in shelves, and extra storage for bottles it’s all you can ask for a kitchen. Believe it until you see it because you have to see it at Snaidero.



One response

  1. I liked the post and images of the Ola20 Futuristic Kitchen. I am sure, its a one of the most expensive kitchen. I think, I really can’t afford it. lol. 🙂

    October 25, 2010 at 23:22

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