DORO Likes: “Parassity” project by Valerio Fregnan

Valerio Fregnan, Italian 29 years old designer, actually working with DORO Design present the “Parassity” project.

A concept that allows the modules like parasites take power from a central collector and distribute it inside. The project was presented during the discussion of the thesis of interior and furniture design at IAAD of Turin, done in collaboration with designers Francesca Antonielli, Alessandra Conte and Jonathan Miccichè.

Developed in three months, the final point was self-powered living units, which are joined to a central element, which stores rainwater and solar energy collected by solar panels shaped like a flower; panels also used to convey water in a tank and distribute it with the energy stored inside the collector through the frames, which are an integral part of the structure.

Designed to be easy to assemble and transport, suited for be customized in relation of the number of people inside, either as a module for emergency situations. It was designed also in a vertical arrangement, to urban centers with high population density.


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