DORO Likes: SOPHNET. – Spring/Summer 2011 – Shirt & Bow-Tie Collection

It’s been a strong Fall/Winter season at SOPHNET., especially with the outerwear and accessories.  And in a preview of what is coming from Spring/Summer 2011, it looks like the creative sartorial wheels are still turning at the Japanese retail/fashion powerhouse.  The brand has it’s work cut out for it, spanning a wide range of athletic apparel with the F.C.R.B. initiative, and as we see here, also paying attention to  pseudo-formal wear.  But it does seem like anything the label does, it does wholeheartedly.  So as SOPHNET. jumps into shirting and bow ties in Spring/Summer 2011, it releasing a full line, including a full range of oxford, stripes, checks, and gingham options.  Whether or not the bow ties see much street wear, the shirts are absolutely solid wardrobe foundations.  Check out the full collection after the jump.  via: SOPH.


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