DORODESIGN Likes: Nixon Milk Collection (It’s all about white)

The Chromacoat formulation from Nixon is unlike most finishes out in the market today, especially those on accessories like timepiece. While manufacturers have forged protective coatings to abide the luster of their watches, ’s Chromacoat actually ages them. Like a well worn denim, theChromacoat will begin to wear off over time, creating an unique appearance similar to a vintage timepiece. Joining the already popular Gunship and Sunkissed Sea, the all matte white creations for the Nixon Milk Collection are the perfect “head-turners” this Summer. 3 selections to chose from – Kensington, Small Player, and women’s Scarlet. For those looking for some presence in the mix, there is also the 42-20 Chrono. All with metallic gold accents and available now at all Nixon dealers and its online store. (via Freshnessmag).


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