DORODESIGN Likes: Roca London Gallery by Zaha Hadid

High-end bathroom brand, Roca, has teamed with Zaha Hadid Architects to create the Roca London Gallery, a 3600 sq. feet palace devoted to the arts. Located close to the Chelsea

Harbor, water was a major design inspiration as depicted by the undulating forms found both inside and outside. The similarity between the facade and interior serves to connect the building as one complete structure. Although the main walls are gypsum panels, the meandering surfaces are fiber reinforced concrete, allowing the sight-lines of the interior to remain open. Speaking on the project, Hadid commented, “our work imbues architecture with the intricacy and beauty of natural forms. using a formal language derived from the movement of water, the Roca London Gallery has been eroded and polished by fluidity; generating a sequence of dynamic spaces carved from this fascinating interplay between architecture and nature.” (via Hypebeast).



2 responses

  1. very cool design. Great pictures.

    October 24, 2011 at 10:48

  2. One of our girls on our staff would love this! While in design school, she tried using curved lines whenever and where ever possible! Thanks for sharing!

    October 24, 2011 at 16:18

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