DORODESIGN Likes: Moet & Chandon – Golden Premium Jeroboam + “The Gift By Moet”

If you are one looking to perfect the art of gifting, consider the holiday offering from Moet & Chandon.  In its own crafted insulated box by Parisian agency 5.5, “The Gift by Moet” housed a bottle of Moet Imperial, the perfect champagne to mark the beginning of the New Year. But if you need something more exquisite, the champagne maker is offering the Golden Premium Jeroboam as a limited edition. Hand-gilt by the famous French artist Arthus Bertrand in gold, the Jeroboam is the perfect keepsake or holiday present. Made as a reflection to the Moët and Chandon’s Family estate, each bottle comes with a specially engraved medallion and real wax seal, both stamped with the marking of Epernay, France.  Along with its handmade signature tie,  will include a pen so anyone can adorn their own message on the bottle.  Thus making each a special edition of its own. You can find both now at finer spirit stores near you.


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