To all the naysayers and doubters about ’s ability to lead in an ever competitive tech sector, Apple executive  bluntly addressed them with “…can’t innovate anymore, my ass…” statement earlier today at WDCC 2013 as he teased the upcoming Apple Mac Pro desktop. Gone is the familiar perforated aluminum case, which first went into production in 2003. Instead, Schiller unveiled a cylindrical encasement in black at just 1/8 the size of its predecessor. But don’t let its size fool you, the new Mac Pro is by far the fastest desktop computer from Apple. It features a 12-Core Intel Xeon E5 processor, dual-GPUs, 1,866mHz DDR3 Memory, Flash-base storage drive, with Thunderbolt 2 ports and full support of 4K display. Said to be 2.5 times faster than the current iteration, it is capable of performing speeds up to 7 teraflops. Because of the new Mac Pro’s blazing processor speed and criticisms over Apple’s labor practices, Schiller added the new desktop will be assembled in the US instead. The new  will be available starting this Fall.

Release Date: Fall 2013


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