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For our Chinese readers, here is the interview with DESIGN MANAGEMENT CHINA. The article talks about the strength of being  business partners in the design world. How an idea  born and take shape and how we deal with choices when we have opposing views or different ideas. In China, they are always very curious to learn a method, refine it and play it back in time. In this case it is not possible because creativity does not follow definite laws, but intuition: our best strategy!


Xie Xie China Design Management.


DORODESIGN likes: Herzog & De Meuron unveil design for M+ museum Hong Kong


We have just seen that Herzog & De Meuron in collaboration with local firm TFP Farrells have been chosen as the winning design team for ‘M+ museum’, a major new institution to be built in the burgeoning  West Kowloon cultural district. The 60,000 square meter building will be sited on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour waterfront and execute cultural programming on par with New York’s MoMA and London’s tate modern. The overall shape of M+ is informed by a dip in the site and will feature a sunken exhibition area that will feature large-scale installation, sculpture or performance. The museum will be home to the donated Sigg collection, one of the largest and most exhaustive collections of contemporary Chinese art. Aside from the 1500 works provided by the collection, the cultural center will also highlight seminal works of art, design, architecture and the moving image from Asia and around the world.

herzog-de-meuron-m+museum-hong-kong-designboom01 herzog-de-meuron-m+museum-hong-kong-designboom02 herzog-de-meuron-m+museum-hong-kong-designboom03 herzog-de-meuron-m+museum-hong-kong-designboom04

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DORODESIGN likes: The World’s largest building opens in China


China is good at creating big things – from wind farms and rubber ducks to gigantic batteries. The latest super-sized project to spring up in the nation is the largest free standing building in the world – the New Century Global Center. The new super-building is 100 meters high, 500 meters long and 400 meters wide, with a floor space of 1.7 million square meters. That’s big enough to house 20 Sydney Opera Houses, or three times larger than The Pentagon.

The area is set to become a new economic and cultural capital in western China.


The New Century Global Center is located in Chengdu, which is the capital of the Sichuan province in southwestern China. The building, which opened this week, will play host to a wide range of business offices, hotels, theaters, shopping malls, a faux Mediterranean village and family-themed attractions such as a water park called Paradise Island.

The building is designed to be the crown jewel of a newly rejuvenated area of Chengdu called Tainfu New District. Chengdu’s subway line is being expanded to serve the new district, and a new airport is expected to be constructed by 2020, transforming the area into the new economic and cultural capital of western China.

New-Century-Global-Centre-Chengdu-3-537x384  New-Century-Global-Centre-Chengdu-5 the-new-century-global-center-2 port-Global-Centre-China-20-9--600x400   New-Century-Global-Center-21 New-Century-Global-Centre-Chengdu-537x358


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DORODESIGN has designed with SOLUX a collection of 3 kitchens with a very stong personality.

DORODESIGN ha disegnato in collaborazione con SOLUX una collezione di 3 linee di cucine con una forte personalità, connotate da gesti semplici ma riconoscibili.


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DORODESIGN LIKES: Neil Barrett Shop in Shop by Zaha Hadid Architects


Zaha Hadid Architects has completed five new boutiques for Milan-based fashion designer Neil Barrett, with each one containing portions of an abstract volume that was designed in one piece.


Above: Shinsegae Main, Seoul

The “Shop in Shop” concept was devised to encompass four stores in Seoul and one in Hong Kong. The architects designed a free-flowing shape, then divided it up into 16 pieces that could be distributed to each of the stores for use as a modular display system.



Above: Galleria Main, Seoul

Referred to by Zaha Hadid Architects as an “artificial landscape”, the curving shapes feature a variety of twists, folds and rotations that reference the moulded interior of Neil Barrett’s flagship Tokyo store, completed by the studio in 2008.


Above: Galleria Main, Seoul

Each block is different and can be used in a variety of arrangements to display different garments, shoes and accessories.

The stark white colour of the objects contrasts with the polished black flooring underneath. This monochrome theme continues throughout each store, where walls are painted in alternating shades of white and black.


Above: Galleria Main, Seoul

The studio is now working with Neil Barrett to roll out more Shop in Shop stores in Beijing, Shanghai and elsewhere in Seoul.


Zaha Hadid Architects has been busy over recent weeks. In the last month the studio has released images of a lakeside cultural complex underway in China, revealed designs for a complex of towers in Bratislava and launcheda system of twisting auditorium seats.


Above: Hyundai Daegu, Seoul

As well as collaborating with Hadid, British designer Neil Barrett has also worked with Italian studio AquiliAlberg, who designed the angular scenography for his 2010 Autumn Winter catwalk.


Above: Hyundai Daegu, Seoul

Photography is by Virgile Simon Bertrand.


Above: Hyundai Daegu, Seoul

Here’s some more information from Zaha Hadid Architects:

Neil Barrett Shop in Shop

A display landscape

The ‘Shop in Shop’ concept for Neil Barrett is based on a singular, cohesive project that is divided into sixteen separate pieces. Specific pieces have then been selected and installed into each of the four Neil Barrett Shop in Shop’s in Seoul, and also into the Hong Kong shop; creating a unique display landscape within each store. Each separate element acts as a piece in a puzzle of the original ensemble, ensuring each shop maintains a relationship to the defined whole and with the other Neil Barrett Shop In Shop locations.


Above: Hyundai Daegu, Seoul

The pieces have been carved and moulded from the original solid as pairs that define each other to create an artificial landscape that unfolds multiple layers for display. The emerging forms engage the same design principles adopted for the Neil Barrett Flagship Store in Tokyo; the characteristic peeling, twisting and folding of surfaces has been extended to incorporate double curvatures and rotations.


Above: Hyundai Main, Seoul

Adaption to multiple conditions

The display landscape is a flexible modular system that allows multiple arrangements and adaptations according to specific locations and multiple conditions, developing an original space at every location. The pieces can be used individually or pieces can be used in conjunction with others from the collection accordingly to suit the scale and spaces of each shop, with each piece able to display shoes, bags or accessories.


Above: Hyundai Main, Seoul


The Shop in Shop concept continues the geometries of the Tokyo Flagship Store, developing a dialogue between the Cartesian language of the existing envelope walls with the sculptural, smooth finish of each piece. This contrast of materials in combination with the formal language of the design plays with these visual and tactile characteristics and is further accentuated by the black polished floor.



Above: Hyundai Main, Seoul

Neil Barrett Shop in Shop designs are located in Seoul and Hong Kong:
Zaha Hadid Architects and Neil Barrett are continuing their collaboration on further Shop in Shop concepts to open in Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul.

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DORODESIGN: 35sqm Apartment Project in Xiamen


How to make a cozy apartment in 35sqm with a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.
DORODESIGN done it in Xiamen China.

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The house is developed on an area of 30 square meters (35 considering the sunroom), is located on the ground floor of a residential complex located in Xiamen, China. The goal was to optimize the space while maintaining a sleek and modern design. The owner wanted to maximize its limited spaces. The materials used are sand-colored tile floor that runs through all the rooms and white lacquered furniture with inserts and columns in zebrano wood. Color elements in this case are given by some walls. Read more…


DORODESIGN Kitchen for SOLUX – Video presentation Xiamen China

On the 31st December in Xiamen, China at the SOLUX松霖 flagship store has been presented the brand new kitchen range. We as DORODESIGN developed with the SOLUX team most of the products either for the bathroom and kitchen, result of our design partnership established in 2009.
Aim is bringing the italian lifestyle in the Chinese houses. Is About creating extraordinary living spaces following the Italian culture. The Kitchen is the main part of the house, where the family get together and share most of the time.
The SOLUX kitchens merge the italian design with the high end chinese technology.

Designed in Italy – Made in China.

DORODESIGN LIKES: Converse – Spring/Summer 2013 – Greater China press preview

In addition to the Jordan Brand “Dare To Fly” event yesterday, Nike and its CONVERSE division organized a separate press/media event half way across the globe. Hidden within an alleyway eatery in Shanghai was the CONVERSE Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Preview for the Great China market. And while the venue was more subdued than Jordan Brand’s, the collection was anything but. With initiative like CONVERSE First String as the brand’s foundation, the “Chevron & Star” brand was able to add more silhouettes in the upcoming collection. This includes CONVERSE’s own version of Engineered Mesh and washed leather construct. Another was the continuation of the CONVERSE ♥ Marimekko collaboration, with even brighter and bolder patterns, and the addition of a reptilian design collection, in reference to the upcoming Chinese New Year. But for a more complete view of the product line, you might have to wait till next year

converse-spring-summer-2013-preview-01 converse-spring3-summer-2013-preview-03 converse-spring33-summer-2013-preview-06 converse-spring34-summer-2013-preview-04 converse1-spring-summer-2013-preview-02 converse2-spring-summer-2013-preview-05 converse33-spring-summer-2013-preview-07


”Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and feel better” is something we often hear or read in the Sunday papers. Few people actually follow that advice. Can we get more people to take the stairs over the escalator by making it fun to do?

Idea of Volkswagen (TheFunTheory)


Straight out of the water and onto your feet, Beijing designer Zhijun Wang puts together a creative sneaker to commemorate the yearly Dragon Boat Festival celebrated throughout eastern Asia. Choosing the New Balance HS77 silhouette, Zhijun fills the bottom half of the shoe with a beautiful light blue color, representing the scales along the hull of the boat ending with depictions of wind and waves on the heel leading up to its padded collar. White leather wraps around the bridge of the foot carrying across the laces complemented by red accents along the midsole, tongue tab, and wrapping around the “N” logo. No details on when or if these will hit retailers, but we’ve got some detailed looks at Zhijun’s amazing skill after the jump.