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DORODESIGN Likes: Illustrated cult movie posters, The Cinema meets The Architecture

Federico Babina, architect and illustrator based in Barcelona, did a serie of posters where match cinema and architecture, showing his own vision of well known architecture and movie icons as North by Northwest, Star Wars, The Million Dollar Hotel. If you want to know something more follow the project Archicine:


DORODESIGN Likes: Tattoo Movie Skin and Flud Style Watch

Flud launched Big Ben Watch in all wood presented on a tattooed arm in this photo on Fancy, same style for the movie trailer of Skin. Ryan Hope’s debut film, is a documentary that tests the boundaries of art and the human body, Skin is a dark, stylish examination of tattoo culture as high art. Featuring contributions from Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Raymond Pettibon and in association with Dasha Zhukova’s Garage Magazine, the film is a beautiful visual essay from the frontiers of contemporary British art. (via Curated).

Skin – Trailer from Stamp on Vimeo.

DORODESIGN Likes: Anita Ekberg. 80 years of beauty and “Cinema”.

When, in the 50’s, Howard Hughes discovered Anita Ekberg and introduced her to the movie industry, nobody expected she would be such a star. That new concept of beauty, flourishing and almost embarrassing, launched her in a beautiful career here in Italy. Her role in La Dolce Vita, playing Sylvia, was the beginning of  her collaboration with Federico Fellini. In 1956 won a Golden Globe and that beauty became just an instrument to leaded her to the top as an actress.

Happy Birthday Anita. To You all the turbulent dreams of the viewers, in that bed in Rome where you’re hiding so well, from the fast and changed world.