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For our Chinese readers, here is the interview with DESIGN MANAGEMENT CHINA. The article talks about the strength of being  business partners in the design world. How an idea  born and take shape and how we deal with choices when we have opposing views or different ideas. In China, they are always very curious to learn a method, refine it and play it back in time. In this case it is not possible because creativity does not follow definite laws, but intuition: our best strategy!


Xie Xie China Design Management.


DORODESIGN LIKES: Design Indaba 2013 – The Conference

Standout themes from an inspirational week at Cape Town’s exceptional conference on the power of creativity


“Design is an act of misbehaving.” With those words, legendary artist and designer Paula Scherkicked off Design Indaba 2013. Now in its 18th year, Design Indaba always succeeds in bringing some of the most innovative and provocative creative minds on the face of the earth together in Cape Town, South Africa for three days of discussions around creativity as both idea and practice.

At this year’s Design Indaba, well-known visionaries like Scher (keep an eye out for our upcoming interview with her), Seymour Chwast, David Adjaye, and Sir John Hegarty shared the stage with a diverse section of speakers from a dozen different disciplines from both inside and outside the design world. Creative directors, artists, chefs, architects, illustrators and experimental designers came together in Cape Town to share their thoughts, their work, and the influences and inspirations that lead to breakthroughs. And while the work presented and discussed was diverse, there were some common threads that emerged.

Aim To Misbehave

Paula Scher’s opening remark about misbehaving set the tone for one of the major themes from this year’s Indaba: that to come up with a truly unique solution to your assignment, you need to rebel against the expected. Her presentation focused on a series of her projects that each had a critical problem, and rebelling against the problem (incomplete brief, constricted requirements, bad clients) became her leverage to find a solution.

One of the most compelling and disruptive speakers of the week was experimental designer, artist, and writer Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, who rebelled against the idea of Design itself as a source for solving existing problems, instead urging Design to start asking new questions. Her work inSynthetic Aesthetics aims to do just that, asking what happens when humanity starts to design nature itself at the celluar level. Her next project? To attempt to model the entire world.


Advertising icon Sir John Hegarty attempted to define this theme of irreverence as critical to finding new forms. Using his characteristic cheekiness and using examples from a lifetime of creative advertising for brands like Levi’s, X-Box and Boddingtons, Sir John insisted that creative people needed to have a philosophy, and that philosophy should contain a healthy dose of irreverence. “Humor is the enemy of authority,” he insisted, adding “Irreverence forces you to consider.”

Reprocessing The Process

Another consistent theme to come out of Cape Town was the idea that to solve the problems and answer the questions a designer is posed with, you need to disrupt not only the work but one’s own tools and process.


This point was most simply and beautifully driven home by Chef Alex Atala of Brazil’s D.O.M., called one of the best restaurants in the world. Atala put it plainly: “It’s not about doing things in new ways, but doing old things in surprising ways.” Through his use of native flavors and ingredients from Amazonia, Atala showed how old, basic cooking techniques combined with small twists (like using charred leaves as recognition of the destruction of the Amazon) were the key to his culinary genius.

design-indaba-ben-terrett2.jpg design-indaba-ben-terrett1.jpg

Ben Terrett, who has the unenviable job of reducing the UK’s hundreds of disparate governmental sites into a single, streamlined experience, had to find new ways of working just to tackle such a massive undertaking. His team incorporated new processes like designing in the browser for faster iteration (“Interactive prototypes are magic to clients.” designer Alex Chen would later agree) and taping a sign labeled “users” to a sidewalk-facing window in the studio as a reminder of just who the real client was. And, like Atala does in the kitchen, Terrett took inspiration from history, in this case the design of iconic British motorway signs (and their designer, Margaret Calvert) as a lesson in how a single typeface optimized for high-speed legibility can make information more quickly understood.

Designer Alex Chen also touched on disrupting the normal creative workflow process, highlighting his work on the original concept for Google Glass. Chen and his compatriots at Google decided that a commercial for an idea can influence the idea much earlier in the process, so he gathered some interaction designers and filmmakers withing the Google Creative Lab to make a polished concept commercial for Glass, then just barely a prototype. Chen’s video helped to solidify what Glass should (and also should not) be, and the act of simply trying to tell the story of the product in the future solved problems with the complexity of the interface. Have a look at the finalized vision.

Music In The Medium

Another interesting theme out of Design Indaba was how the use of music played an integral part in the work of several different speakers, each from disparate disciplines and backgrounds.

One of the most simple and beautiful examples of this is again the work of Alex Chen. Chen–a viola player and coder as well as designer–uses the metaphor of a string being plucked as his medium. His code based design experiments like (a map of the NYC subway system that plays itself), (an interactive visualization of Bach’s cello suites), and most famously the Les Paul Google Doodle (which resulted in the recording of over 40 million songs) transform the simple idea of graphic lines into strings, letting a user interact with these digital experiments in very analog feeling ways. The most beautiful part of these concepts is that there is almost zero traditional interface—once a user “plucks” one of the strings, the understanding of how the concept works is innate.

asif-khan-olympics1.jpg asif-khan-olympics2.jpg

Architect Asif Khan also uses the idea of a musical line as inspiration, but instead of creating a string to be plucked, Khan turned the line into a spiral that formed the backbone of a very unique building. Working with Coca-Cola to design a pavilion for the 2012 London Olympics, Khan cut up a song specially recorded by Mark Ronson and embedded the samples into the actual walls of the building, letting visitors tap out beats as they walked through. The concept (and resulting structure) were so striking that millions of people moved through the building over the course of the Olympic Games despite the fact that no Coca Cola branding was present.


Masashi Kawamura (better known as simply Masa) of Tokyo agency Party found ways to work his love of music into client work, producing breakthrough music videos and commercials. For the band Androp’s song “Bright Siren,” Masa envisioned the musicians playing in front of a wall of flashing cameras acting as a hacked LED array that was used to create complex animations and patterns. The process to take this from concept to realization has Masa’s studio actually building storyboard simulations in code that they could then export to the array on the day of shooting. Another project, Sperm Visualizer, had the studio create a TV spot where sperm under a microscope seemed to dance in sync to music. This was no simple CGi job, however—the men of Party actually provided the sperm that was eventually scanned, motion captured and controlled.


Finally, the artist Nicholas Hlobo left us with the most indelible moments of the conference. Weaving a combination of documentary film, performance art, sculpture and music, Mr. Hlobo descended from the ceiling of the main hall encased in a chrysalis while chanting in his native Xhosa as a band played. Behind him, scenes from his work and his childhood intermingled with revelatory text about his work, his life, and what it means to be from this extraordinary and complicated part of the world. It brought the crowd to its feet in what would be only the first of several standing ovations during the week.

Design conferences can sometimes fall into the trap of being too exclusionary, an endless talk shop that can leave one feeling frustrated and jaded rather than inspired. But through careful curation of presentations, providing for socialization between delegates and speakers, and the addition of this year’s Music Circuit providing a social angle, Design Indaba has the opposite effect. In fact, as the conference ended we began to feel anxious—both to get back to work on our own creative endeavors and to come back to Cape Town next year for another great week.


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DOROLIFESTYLE: Collezione “a r i a” presentata ad Operae

La seconda collezione di DOROLIFESTYLE viene presentata  al compimento del primo anno di vita del marchio. La nuova collezione si chiama “ a r i a” ed è composta da cinque pezzi: un tavolo, due sedie uno sgabello e una libreria. Esaltiamo lo spazio, esaltiamo tutto ciò che circonda la collezione grazie al disegno lineare dei pezzi.  Il vuoto che arreda. Elementi semplici nel concetto e nella realizzazione. Colori pastello che scaldano le anime fredde ricavate da bacchette di ferro tagliate in segmenti per costruire i telai e fogli di acciaio opportunamente  piegati per creare un effetto ottico a cuscino per le superfici piane dei pezzi. La gamma “a r i a” proposta è di 5 colori adatti per l’ambiente domestico.

La collezione viene presentata ad Operae, Mostra-Mercato dell Design Autoprodotto, il 9 – 10 -11. Sede dell’edizione 2012 è la Cavallerizza Reale, Via Verdi 9, Torino.

DOROLIFESTYLE Zero Collection @Yum Design Store – Milan

The location is modern and essential, Yum Design Store is a design gallery where You can find design pieces, you can appreciate it, learn about the designer, the design process and  if you want you can shopping: let’s call it temporary design store.

We love Yum Design Store initiative: the main idea is to sell well known and young designs with special prices in order to spread the good design in every house. Democratic design!

The opening it will be on the 1st of may and it will be open till the 6th in Via Foppa 49, Milan. It is possible to shopping online until the end of may: 

DORODESIGN will be displaying the DOROLIFESTYLE  Zero Collection with the Zero Chair, Zero Poltrona, Zero Chaise Longe, Zero Coat Hanger and Zero Coffee Table.

For further infos about Zero Collection click here!

Be There! Be Exclusivo get DOROLIFESTYLE.

DOROLIFESTYLE – Operae Turin Design Week

DORODESIGN presented in November, 2011 in Turin @ Operae during the Torino Design Week the preview of the Zero Collection by DOROLIFESTYLE.

DOROLIFESTYLE shown the Zero Collection entirely shaped by aluminium. Thanks to the originality and creativity DORODESIGN studio and DOROLIFESTYLE brand got a big audience.
Not just fans have been fascinated by these objects of high quality, innovative and harmonious but national and international “players” from the design world supported and appreciate the DORODESIGNs: Made in Italy, limited edition.

DORODESIGN Likes: Interior Design meets Fruit Ninja by Valerio Fregnan

Interior Designer Valerio Fregnan built up some renders inspired by Fruit Ninja… if you have an iPhone you know what we’re talking about. He’s crazy we know that, but we love him here in DORODESIGN hope you’ll appreciate his work! Check it out on Behance!

DORO WORK: Low’n’Loud Concept Speaker for iPhone

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DORODESIGN Likes: Caparezza with Lick my T-Shirt for 45 giri film contest

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August 10th 2011 DORODESIGN 2nd Birthday…Thank You.

August 10th 2009. Two years ago DORODESIGN was founded, in a tiny room full of passion strenght and talented people. In the beginning there where 4, all different, with a mission that brought them to work hard to keep all together.

August 10th 2011. So many things happened, people came and go and that tiny room became a professional design firm, a place where collaboration, inspiration and enthusiasm everyday make our job worth to be done. DORODESIGN worth sweat and tears, sleepless nights, laughs, stress, chill and trust.

To All  founders, clients, brands, families, friends and colleagues:  Thank You.

Thanks for believing in what we do and what we’re conquering, thanks for supporting and understand, for giving us chances and appreciate our point of view. Thanks for growing with us bringing new challenges and pushing to improve ourselves.

We do not follow a dream, We live through it.

Happy 2nd Birthday DORO Design. And many more.

DORODESIGN Likes: Caparezza indossa DORO Design Lick my T-shirt by Pool sul set di 45 giri

La 45 giri è una gara a tempo in cui giovani partecipanti hanno il compito di realizzare videoclip musicali in sole 45 ore e con brani musicali scelti a sorteggio. Sul set dello spot della prossima edizione è comparso un sempre disponibile Caparezza indossando una maglietta che dovreste conoscere… Ricordiamo che le magliette sono ancora disponibili nella sezione BUY DORO, dalla taglia M in su… siete ancora senza?