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DORODESIGN Likes: Illustrated cult movie posters, The Cinema meets The Architecture

Federico Babina, architect and illustrator based in Barcelona, did a serie of posters where match cinema and architecture, showing his own vision of well known architecture and movie icons as North by Northwest, Star Wars, The Million Dollar Hotel. If you want to know something more follow the project Archicine:


DORODESIGN Likes: Hakuchi Ball Point Pen Illustrations

Hakuchi is a japanese illustrator of violent/ironic content deep inspired by manga and hard boiled culture. Deep sense of aesthetic, style and tradition.

See his style of drawing on the video below!

DORO Likes: Pool…young, “pow pow pow” and cool…DORO supports him!!!

Look at his works!!!

for more info about POOL click HERE

Make us a Christmas gift, design our tee!!!

You too can participate in the creation on the DORO T-Shirt.

Click to directly download the image of the blank t-shirt and our logo, and start creating!!!

Send your work in jpg format to and the best design will become the official DORO T-Shirt.

Partecipa anche tu alla creazione della T-Shirt DORO.

Scarica cliccando direttamente sull’immagine della maglietta bianca e sul nostro logo e inizia a creare!!!

Rimanda la tua opera in jpg a la migliore proposta diventerà la T-Shirt ufficiale DORO.


ANY EXAMPLE…but we’re sure you can do better!!!

ECCO QUALCHE ESEMPIO…ma siamo sicuri che tu possa fare di meglio!!!

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