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DORODESIGN Likes: Illustrated cult movie posters, The Cinema meets The Architecture

Federico Babina, architect and illustrator based in Barcelona, did a serie of posters where match cinema and architecture, showing his own vision of well known architecture and movie icons as North by Northwest, Star Wars, The Million Dollar Hotel. If you want to know something more follow the project Archicine:


DORODESIGN LIKES: The Suitcase Store


This is a short film about the clothing company Brothers new suit case store, which will tour the country and meet up traveling costumers on the move.
The line targets travelers and we had the pleasure to do the graphics, animation and compositing for the film.

Suitcase-Store9-640x360 Suitcase-Store8-640x360 Suitcase-Store7-640x360 Suitcase-Store6-640x360 Suitcase-Store5-640x360 Suitcase-Store4-640x360 Suitcase-Store3-640x360 Suitcase-Store2-640x360 Suitcase-Store-640x360


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