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Every season adidas x Opening Ceremony deliver a variety of styles that blend both their distinct aesthetics.This season they chose to focus on two contrasting disciplines: rock climbing and basketball. Right now there really isn’t anything more chic than sports inspired day wear and what better way to deliver it than in a beautiful image-heavy pastel lookbook.

AdidasXOpeningCeremony-Lookbook-AW13-05 AdidasXOpeningCeremony-Lookbook-AW13-03 AdidasXOpeningCeremony-Lookbook-AW13-02 adidas

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DORODESIGN likes: NIKE Free Flyknit Running Shoes


NIKE: free flyknit running shoes
all images courtesy NIKE


This week in Oregon has taken place the 2013 NIKE innovation summit, as the brand unveiled the new NIKE free flyknit running shoes. The NIKE free flyknit will be available globally from august 1st, we have just preordered it now!


Sean McDowell, creative director of NIKE running, tell more about the new shoe:


Please could you explain the concept behind free flyknit?
NIKE free flyknit is an expression of natural performance principles, combining a supportive, sock-like upper and a flexible midsole and outsole that move with the body. The compression fit brings the foot closer to the sole for better lockdown and propulsion.

This shoe is about enhancing what nature gave us – humans were ‘designed’ to run on soft terrain but now most running is done on hard surfaces, this shoe feels so light and so well cushioned it’s as close to running in a sock as you can get – so to your mind your feet feel ‘free’ – but it also provides all the support you need.


How does this shoe follow on from your recent innovations in running shoes?
SM: It’s another  example of a continuing trend in running – where the equipment be it shoes or apparel are moving with the body. We used to put more things on shoes to give you support and stability and now we are freeing things up. New materials like flyknit and flywire allow us to strip away anything that’s unnecessary and keep the shoe simple in terms of the number of parts.’


How long does the design process take?
SM: There is a research period where we meet with athletes and review what they think of our existing footwear – we listen to what they tell us and study how they perform using our equipment. From this feedback and observations we get to work. Then there is about an eighteen-month period before the shoe goes to market. With this product we had time to take a look at the success of the previous free range and the support offered by flyknit and really develop something that raises the bar. We went through fifteen final iterations of this shoe before we settled on this design.


Flyknit details – men’s


NIKE flyknit upper
A new, more compressive NIKE flyknit construction in the shoe upper secures the runner’s foot to the shoe platform. The unique zoned performance mapping pattern of the NIKE flyknit upper is derived from insights on how pressure is exerted on the top of the foot. NIKE sport research lab scientists employed pressure-mapping technology to locate stress areas, and designers used the data to inform the new upper. Zones on the top of the foot have engineered stretch built to enable natural flex, while a tighter weave at the perimeter stabilizes the forefoot and heel. Additionally, elasticized construction fits securely around the ankle for a comfortable, secure fit. By knitting a one-piece upper, NIKE flyknit construction reduces NIKE’s typical upper waste by an average of 88 percent.



NIKE free platform
The advanced NIKE flyknit upper sits atop a NIKE free+ 5.0 midsole, which lies in the middle of the NIKE free spectrum, providing mid-range cushioning. (On a scale or 1-10, 1 is akin to running barefoot and 10 is comparable to a traditional running shoe.) The articulated NIKE free sole is flexible and moves naturally with the foot. Diagonal hot-knifed sipes (strategically-engineered flex grooves) through the arch help ensure natural movement in the mid-foot as a runner transitions stride.


The NIKE free flyknit comes on the heels of decades of biomechanics research and design exploration with the intent of providing the best run possible. The breakthrough combination of a compressive NIKE flyknit upper with a highly flexible NIKE free midsole and outsole adds up to a running shoe that delivers a more natural ride, amplifying athletes’ ability to move quickly and comfortably over distance.


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DORODESIGN likes: A history of Sneakers


Ahhh, sneakers. For many, probably the first pair of shoes to ever shod our tiny baby feet.

But who knew that sneakers had quite the interesting history of its own? That this founding footwear was around for a century before people even started calling it “sneaker” (thanks to its creeper-friendly, quiet rubber sole). That it was James Dean who first wore sneakers for fashion, not function.

Apparently, the fashion-forward folk at SSENSE did.PradaNikeWaffletrainer2 Nike-Dunk-Supremes2 New-Balance2 Louboutin2 BataxWilsonxWodden Onitsuka2 Keds-1 Converse adidas_Micropacer Bata-sprinting-shoes

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DORODESIGN LIKES: Nike Extreme – Just Experience It


When you are Nike, you just do it. There’s absolutely no point being timid or ordinary. You blaze trails, create trends, draw attention.

Here at Access, we are creating Nike Extreme experiences around the globe. Here are a few of our concepts in which we use the Nike singular swoosh power to create serious buzz. The kind of buzz that goes viral because people love it. Because they are having fun doing it.



This kind of concept/campaign ticks all the boxes. It creates a unique, fun offline experience and then shares it with the online world. You film it, and that becomes the TV ad; you photograph it and that becomes the print ad; and both are used in online and social network campaigns. Put all those together with individual participants’ own social network buzz and you have a run-away funfest across channels.



But it all starts with an offline experience that is big enough to create that initial pick-up spontaneously and authentically. It must be worth their while. Then people will talk about it online, bloggers will feature it, and the rest of media will cover it. When serious, authentic viral kicks in, it proves that consumers loved what you did and want to share it. That is worth more than any push campaign result because it has become THEIR experience.


We start with a swoosh-shaped Nike Extreme Swoosh Toboggan Ride – a toboggan slide shaped like the swoosh. Of course, the toboggans themselves are shaped like swooshes, too. You can try this at the coolest ski resorts of the world.


As it isn’t snowing everywhere, those more inclined to enjoy themselves on the beach get to try the Nike Extreme Swoosh Slide. A fun and bouncy inflatable megaslide in the shape of the swoosh, appearing at the world’s coolest beaches.

And who would want to remain bound to the ground? Not those who take off in the Nike Extreme Swoosh Hot Air Balloon. Flying over big cities, the Swoosh can be seen from miles around. When you’ve ticked off all three from your “Must-do Fun” list, you’ll probably be in the need of some new Nikes and you’ll certainly have something to talk about. – Bill Tikos


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DORODESIGN LIKES: Shoes concepts by Andrea Chaves


To footwear designer Andreia Chaves, each shoe is an individual work of art.  Raised in the busy metropolis of Sao Paulo, Brazil – Chaves understands that beauty can be found in chaos, a concept that reveals itself in her footwear designs.  She explains this in her own words, “The fact that I grew up in a chaotic city like Sao Paulo, full of contrasts, being in contact with such diversity and constant exposure to different visual inputs, has inspired me in how I think and conceptualize my shoes. Looking at my work, I can clearly see influence coming from my South American sense of versatility.  Also in the mix – what I have been experiencing in Europe.
During her time in Florence she’s been intensely studying form, texture & visual effect, and experimenting with different materials on footwear design.


“The invisible shoe” (mirrored surface) // photo by Fernando Biagioni

These concepts come to life in each shoe created.  For example, “The Invisible Shoe” has a mirrored surface, creating a deceptively obscured optical effect with every step taken.  The chameleon-like façade blends in perfectly with any environment.


“Prism shoe”
A study of structure
photo by Ian Murphy



“Form & Texture” (Leather & Sycamore wood)
photo by Ian Murphy

The “Form & Texture Shoe” exhibits a disciplined study of form and material while keeping just enough chaos to stay interesting.  The contradiction here is the seemingly indestructible framework fused with the disorderly arranged leather and sycamore wood cubes.  The contours create a theatrical statement nothing short of impressive.


“Form & Texture” (Leather & Sycamore wood)
photo by Ian Murphy

Chaves finds it thrilling how each particular material has the power to completely change someone’s vision about a design.  An example for this, she sites, is the idea of a sandal made with simple Velcro strips (see “THE VELCRO SHOE” below) holding the foot, where you can easily change its shape, redesigning it and creating sculptures in air.


“Velcro shoe” – Form & Material
photo by Ian Murphy

With influences such as Maison Martin Margiela, Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake., it’s clear thatChaves appreciates designers who provoke – and shatter – common perceptions that people hold.  Chaves is currently focusing on her final collection – an exploration about the moving body – which is to be presented in February 2010.


“Twirled” (Metal and PVC)
Part of a study of optical effect


“Prism shoe”
A study of structure
photo by Ian Murphy

The Prism Shoe” is a fascinating structural design that by itself looks like an intricate work of origami – casting beautiful kaleidoscopic shadows against the ground.  Here we can clearly see Chaves’ chaotic – yet orderly – paradox coming to life through her shoe designs, resulting in dramatic silhouette.


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DORODESIGN LIKES: Diamond Supply Co x Ibn Jasper Limited Capsule Collection


Diamond Supply Co. has announces its newest capsule collection in collaboration with Ibn Jasper, a member of DONDA, Kanye West’s new creative design team. As well Ibn is also West’s Personal Barber. The limited capsule collection features four key pieces, with the focus surrounding around the Jasper Shoe, a mocassin inspired sneaker complete with back zipper access, snake embossed leather and tassels with a durable skateboarding cup sole. The collection also includes a snapback cap and two t-shirts.


The Jasper Shoe will release in four colors – Diamond Blue, Grey, Black, and Red. Each pair will be limited to 100 pairs worldwide. The Diamond Blue and Grey pairs will be released exclusively at Diamond Supply Co. on 451 N. Fairfax in LA on Saturday 10/20 at 11AM PST, while the Black and Red will release at RSVP Gallery in Chicago on Sunday 10/21 at NOON CST.


The entire collection has been released in a limited amount on

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DORODESIGN LIKES: Converse – Spring/Summer 2013 – Greater China press preview

In addition to the Jordan Brand “Dare To Fly” event yesterday, Nike and its CONVERSE division organized a separate press/media event half way across the globe. Hidden within an alleyway eatery in Shanghai was the CONVERSE Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Preview for the Great China market. And while the venue was more subdued than Jordan Brand’s, the collection was anything but. With initiative like CONVERSE First String as the brand’s foundation, the “Chevron & Star” brand was able to add more silhouettes in the upcoming collection. This includes CONVERSE’s own version of Engineered Mesh and washed leather construct. Another was the continuation of the CONVERSE ♥ Marimekko collaboration, with even brighter and bolder patterns, and the addition of a reptilian design collection, in reference to the upcoming Chinese New Year. But for a more complete view of the product line, you might have to wait till next year

converse-spring-summer-2013-preview-01 converse-spring3-summer-2013-preview-03 converse-spring33-summer-2013-preview-06 converse-spring34-summer-2013-preview-04 converse1-spring-summer-2013-preview-02 converse2-spring-summer-2013-preview-05 converse33-spring-summer-2013-preview-07


With a mutual love for skateboarding, California born photographer, Nathan Perkel, took a trip to the Far East to capture the studio of famed Japanese sculptor and artist HAROSHI. There is no doubt that HAROSHI is coming up the ranks in the art scene as an up-and-coming artist from Japan, and some may remember the feet sculpture with transparent skate shoes he created for the Jonathan LeVine Gallery at Art Basel 2012. It is a rare sight to see the studios of artists, and we are treated by the high quality images taken by Perkel. As one would expect, the studio is packed with used skateboards, off cut scraps, and lots of dust from all the woodwork. Scroll down and take a visual journey through the studio below.

DORODESIGN Likes: Paul Smith Ripley Boat Shoes

It seems nobody can be taken seriously this coming spring until they’ve had their say in the boat shoe department. Here is Paul Smith’s entry. A fancier take than most, these dogs have a fold-over fringe flap, bold whipstitch detailing on the toe and a knotted detail at the heel. The white soles have a smart elephant pattern for extra steeze. The Ripley comes in deep green, maroon and brown. Por Vocação has them (Via Selectism).

DORODESIGN Likes: Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Spring 2012 Leather Boots

Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisci lends his unique styling to a pair of Leather Boots for Spring 2012. Available in either all black, or tan with a white crepe sole, the boots are high-cut with an ankle strap that adds an added dimension. This latest release from Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci can be purchased at 3rd CULTURE for ¥94,500 JPY (approximately $1,154 USD). Via  Hypebeast

Worth the price?